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Seniors go digital.
Dignio makes technology available to help seniors to a healthy life in their own homes. Health goes mobile and is redefined to include proactive care plans for better health.

Home health care benefits from new technology.
However, a professional health care organization can not relate to the hundreds of personal health apps. Dignio offers professional software for professional healthcare, providing all the new technology and healtcare knowledge they need for managing thousands of patients, alarms and devices.

Mobile Alarms The emergency alarm is triggered from your mobile phone or the connected pendant button. You can bring it anywhere you want to go. The GPS position included allows the carers or family to know your exact location.

Personal Notifications Family, friends or health personnel can be notified of any alarm, medical measurement or sensor input by SMS or e-mail. The system also sends periodical reports.

Sensors Extend the system with safety sensors in the home, such as smoke detectors, fall alarm or motion sensors.

GPS Safe zones Dementia patients can move freely outside within defined zones.
When breaching a safe zone, family or carers will be notified immediately.

Our happy

  • “Pilly has changed
    my life.”
    Hilveig, 73 years with Alzheimer
  • “Now I can finally
    Mathias, 61 years with Alzheimer
  • “I don’t know
    how I lived before
    using Dignio.”
    Henrik, 56 years with Diabetes
Dignio Software


App for tablets where patients keep track of their health. Measurements are gathered from wireless medical devices and sent to the central server.

On the go

Dignio software is all about mobility and flexibility, for seniors, carers and family. Works with all platforms (PC/Mac, tablets, smartphones).

Dignio Prevent

The Professional tool for Home health care organizations. Monitor your patients with all alarms, GPS, vitals and sensor information in one view. Alarm levels are set based on risk analysis and threshold levels.

Individual flexibility

To set the correct alert levels all thresholds can be set individually, for each person and alarm level. Surveys are adapted to the relevant diagnoses and provides valuable information.

Family involvement

Involving family and other primary health care professionals is easy. Alerts and daily reports can be sent by SMS or e-mail. This may be an invaluable service for children of dementia patients that disappear.

Advanced Security

Designed to comply to the European privacy and security laws. Your health related information is safe with us.

It’s better to build a fence at the top of
the cliff than a hospital at the bottom.

Preventive Care with Dignio

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Dignio helps to introduce telehealth and telecare in Home healt care.
Dignio Prevent lets you help more seniors and provide better quality for the same money.

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