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After 18 months of research on Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring and Preventive medicine, we found that there was a position to be taken in the market for a more holistic approach to Chronic Disease Management. We started Dignio in December 2010, with a team of deep medical expertise working closely with the best technical experts in SW programming and Open Source technology.

Where others focused on one chronic diagnose alone, we observed that the patients often had several chronic conditions and needed a more personalized approach. Both Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring have good value propositions, but the combination of the two + our unique methodology have a much better result.

We have worked relentlessly developing and testing with real users since mid 2012, and been part of a program run by the Directorate of Health since its start in 2014 to experiment with new technology in Primary Care.

This passion to solve one of the most serious challenges of our time – to care for patients with chronic conditions and our seniors, is paying off. Independent research has proven that the combination of our technology and methodology reduces the healthcare spend dramatically, and more than we have seen anywhere:


Outpatient visits down 42 %

Hospital bed days down 39%

Time spent by Home Nurses down 59%



Cross Competency team


Experienced managers with strong knowledge base

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Lars Christian Dahle

Chief Executive Officer

MSc from NTNU
MBA from MIT Sloan
Mgmt positions @ Telenor, Hewlett Packard, NextGentTel

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Jens Espeland

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Doctor
Master in Health Admin
Specialist Family & Community medicine

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Håkon Olav Dahle

Chief Technical Officer

MSc Automation
Nokia, Storebrand, IBM
SW development, Support mgmt, Remote mgmt of resources.

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Laila Hagen

Chief Nurse

Assistant Professor in telemedicine and created new mHealth program at university level. International health care training.




Although both Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth are very promising and growing in popularity, we see too much implementations focusing on the technical aspects. In order to secure the kind of patient outcome we see from our implementations, you will also need knowledge about the new medical procedures/patient pathways and change management/service design.

Competence is certainly a stronghold for Dignio, but we often find it undervalued by the organization about to implement.

•Methodology/Patient Pathways: The really hard thing is to allow Remote Care to be a turning point away from the traditional counsultation where the doctor or nurse is in charge, and into a more future oriented method, where the patient is encouraged to take more responsibility for their own health. Dignio’s competence in this area is unsurpassed, when it comes to changing the role of the clinician to become the “health coach” and to train the patient to become more self reliant and less dependent on traditional healthcare services.

•Service Design/Change Management: During the past 4 years, Dignio has implemented Remote Care with several Primary Health Care organizations. We have built experience about the “showstoppers” and all the major hurdles to assure a successful implementation. We have worked with the clients to understand what they do today, and helped them redesign both organisation and procedures to adopt Remote Care. Resistance from the workforce should also be expected, and we have competence in how to prevent this to hurt the implementation and how to deal with it during the process.

•Technical competence: Remote Care is a combination of Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth, and requires deep technical competence in several areas. Open Software Architecture, Programming, Communication protocols (Bluetooth Low Energy + Mobile networks), Mobile Device Management, System Administration etc. Dignio has proven in several implementations our excellent competence in all these areas.