"Dignio enables healthcare providers to offer an innovative remote care service to their patients. By focusing on patient centred preventive medicine which keeps patients with chronic conditions healthy, detecting and treating any exacerbation’s at an early stage, Dignio delivers significant beneficial health effects and substantial, independently verified, savings."

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Information Age suggests the Preventative approach to healthcare for seniors also will apply to UK. Attention to health as an everyday activity will enable a team of nurses at a remote care center, help patients take more responsibility for their own health and ease the burden of the public health and welfare system. 

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The City of Oslo has been our best partner and loyal customer since 2012. Growth in the senior population forced them to look for new and innovative approaches to Home Health Nursing. The first patients went live on Dignio platform in January 2013.

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Sven Bue Berger is the head of Primary Health Services in one of the districts of Oslo. He has a clear opinion on what Remote Care is doing to “his” patients. (See video clip)


In 2014, the government started a Medtech program to investigate new solutions that could increase quality of senior care and increase efficiency. City of Oslo and Dignio has been part of this program since its inception and we are still running the largest and most diversified project. Financed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, our implementation in four districts of Oslo was examined for health economy effects and patients “quality of life” by independent researchers. They found amazing effects on reducing the expensive healthcare services of today. The main findings support our claim that significant savings can be made if our Remote Care Service is implemented together with our software platform, Dignio Prevent and our methodology.

Since 2013, also 50+ other municipalities joined Oslo as our customers, and we keep counting!